I know Netflix has the stigma attached to it that you spend more time looking for what to watch than actually watching anything at all so I thought I would help you out a little. I’m a BIG TV show lover. You can’t beat watching back-to-back episodes of your favourite show! Here is just a select few of my favourite shows in no particular order…

Breaking Bad

Admittedly, when I watched this show it wasn’t on Netflix so I stuck to trusty old boxsets instead! This is probably my all-time favourite TV show ever! If I could erase my memory of any show it would be this one just so I could watch it all over again! I am so jealous if you haven’t watched it yet, but if you haven’t watched it yet… What are you doing?! Where have you been!? There is also the spin-off show on Netflix now – Better Call Saul which I am in the process of watching too!

Pretty Little Liars

I have to say, us PLL fans are the most patient fans in the world! This TV shows is great. If you can get past the cringey acting in the pilot in the first season then you will be hooked like me. I remember watching the first episode thinking to myself ‘what is this?’ and since then I have watched it twice over (saddo I know, but I was trying to find clues to help me figure out who A was! Don’t judge.) Watching the new series weekly is killing me a little. I. Hate. Waiting! 

Bates Motel

This is so weird but so good. This series is a prequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 film Psycho. I think the acting in it really good – Freddie Highmore take a bow!

Once upon a time

I watched this show a couple of years ago for easy watching and never really got stuck into it. A bit like your taste in food, I think your taste in TV changes too. Recently I have got back into Once upon a time and I LOVE it!

Orphan Black

I love the concept of this show, it’s about human cloning which is absolutely terrifying. At first I thought that the acting in this was really poor. But I think it improves by each episode. I think Tatiana Maslany does a great job of acting out all of different clones – trust me, there are quite a few of them!


I put this on one night thinking that it was going to be really bad that I could have a good ol’ laugh at it. It surprised me and I am quite enjoying it. (Except having to wait for the new weekly episodes!)

The Vampire Diaries

I LOVE VAMPIRES! I don’t really have much more to say than this other than Team Damon or Team Stefan?


What an amazing show this is! I laughed so hard at it. Paul Rust is my hero in it. If you want some light-hearted, easy watching TV. This is totally for you.

Grace and Frankie

This show is such a treat. I have found myself laughing out loud to this (on my own). I am very early on in the series but I think that it is fantastic. Girl power!!

So these are just a few recommendations if your stuck on what to watch next. Don’t get me wrong, there are still lots that are on my list to watch but like most things it is just finding the time.

Have you watched any of these? What would you recommend to watch?


  1. Scream is my absolute favourite show on Netflix right now. It’s so clever and I love how to works from the movies and isn’t awful. I also love orphan black and pretty little liars too!

    1. I’m just about to catch up with the latest episode of Scream as we speak! You have great taste in TV shows 🙂 x

  2. I’ve watched Once Upon A Time and Vampire Diaries before, they’re amazing! I definitely want to watch your other recommendations though.

    x. Cattleya

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