Picking your wedding flowers can be (for some girls) a huge and stressful task but for me, it was one of the easiest things of the day!

At first I was really taken to the idea of having a dried flower bouquet. I loved the idea of looking like a boho bride but the dress that I chose was very 1920’s inspired so having a dried flower bouquet wouldn’t really go.

It was then when I happened to stumble upon a new craze of ‘brooch bouquets’. Brooch bouquets are exactly what it says on the tin – a bouquet made out of brooches. They are gorgeous and such works of art.

After a while of searching the Internet, I found Love is Vintage. If you haven’t already heard of her, I suggest you check her out right now! She is super talented and a delight to talk to.

I remember emailing her asking if she had availability to make my wedding bouquet. I must have asked her a million questions before deciding that this was what I wanted instead of real flowers.

I told Aylsa (from Love is Vintage) what the theme of our wedding was – red, rustic, gingham and very DIY! It was then down to her to work her magic! I was a little apprehensive considering I wouldn’t see what the bouquet would look like until it was made and sent to me.

What made this even more special for me was that I could even add in my own brooches, which I did. I added in my Gramps’ watch so he was with me on my special day. Weirdly it was a watch that had my name on the face of it (which he had waaaay before I was born!). I loved that his watch was the main focus of my bouquet and I loved that he could be with me on my wedding day. I also had a garnet leaf brooch which is my nan’s – special in two ways: it’s my birthstone and my nan received it when she was accepted into my Gramps’ family (cute). And finally, for my ‘something blue’ I added in a ‘Turner’ shield which was the surname I was about to have!

As well as my bouquet, Aylsa made my head piece that I wore on the day and she made Alex’s buttonhole so that we matched.

If you are planning on getting married soon, I would definitely recommend this lovely talented lady! She made something so precious for me which now takes pride of place in my lounge.

Yeah, real flowers are gorgeous too! But they won’t last a life time like mine will!

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