Firstly, I would like to say thank you to Blue Ink Press for sending me this book to read and review. I never thought that 3 weeks into blogging I would even get a response, let alone receive the book in the post not long after!

Back of the book

Everyone knows the legend—Greene Island is cursed. 17-yr-old Hardy Vance doesn’t care about curses. All he wants to do is graduate from high school and head to college on the mainland. But Hardy has a knack for finding trouble. When he gets stuck doing community service with a girl that has a secret, their lives quickly become entwined in a murder mystery that leads straight back into the island’s dark past and the dreaded Curse of Viola. It’s up to Hardy and the supernatural abilities of his friends to uncover the horrible truth using the only clue left behind.
A dandelion seed.

My thoughts

When I first read the back of the book, I was automatically intrigued. I knew straight away that this book was right up my street and I loved it.

Dandelion on Fire is book 1 of the Green Island Mystery series. I am told that book 2 The Curse of Viola is even more exciting than this one – which I can not wait to get my hands on!!

I instantly connected with the characters in the book. I thought that Torgent did a fantastic job of exploring their traits and personalities which meant that they were really realistic for the reader. My favourite character was Darcy. I just loved everything about her, I would totally be her friend (lucky Hardy).

I felt that the book had a steady pace throughout it, there were parts where you couldn’t put the book down until you got past the intense sections but these were slowed down with Hardy’s everyday life. I think that there was a good balance of this as it helped build up the characters and really allowed the reader to envisage Hardy and his friends lives, their homes and their school. Everything seemed so realistic and was so easy to imagine – I love it when books come to life in my mind!

I don’t agree with giving away spoilers when people are reading reviews but I cannot NOT mention the ending (don’t worry, I won’t go into detail!)

The ending was ridiculously good, so good that when I finished it on holiday I wondered if Amazon Prime could deliver the second book to my hotel in Cyprus! I am normally one of these annoying people who can guess what happens at the end of films or TV shows and sometimes even books but I didn’t even see this one coming!

Overall, this was a brilliant read which I really enjoyed. It has won the 2016 Benjamin Franklin Book Award Gold Medalist for Teen Fiction and it is very deserving! Well done Sherry Torgent, I give this book 9/10!

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