I waited so long for my wedding day (2 years of serious planning and saving but 1 and a half more years prior to that of swooning over my ring). If I am completely honest, it was the morning of the day I was completely dreading.

This was mainly because I was just so anxious! Weeks before our wedding day I was either stupidly excited or ridiculously nervous about the day. Even when I was a bridesmaid at my sisters’ weddings I was so nervous so ‘how on earth would I be on my own wedding day?’ is all I kept thinking.

I was hoping that my nerves wouldn’t get the better of me on the day and honestly, I don’t know what I was even worrying about. I was told by many that ‘I was the most chilled out bride they had ever seen’ – what a compliment to receive! The wedding morning was one of my favourite memories of the day. I was surrounded by the most important people to me, my family. We were all getting ready for me to marry the most wonderful guy, Alex.

I have pulled together a list of 5 top tips for brides-to-be which I hope you find useful!

  1. Be prepared.

When I say this, I mean be prepared for ANYTHING that may happen. Safety pins? Check. Hair grips? Check. Cole sore cream? Check? Anything that could possibly go ‘wrong’ be ready for it. Also, make sure you leave plenty of time to get ready. You wouldn’t believe how fast the morning (and the whole day) goes.

  1. Blast the hits.

Ahhh – there’s nothing that gets you in the mood for a celebration more than music. Get a playlist lined up before the day and let it play! Mine was full of all sorts, even the good ol’ cheesy stuff. I’m sure I heard ‘Barbie Girl’ at one point?!

  1. Take a step back and take it all in.

When your sipping away at your fizz, take a step back from the moment and take it all in. It’s an amazing feeling. Savour every moment!

  1. Wear something with a zip/buttons at the front.

It sounds strange but you need something that won’t ruin your hair or makeup when you get changed into your dress. Honestly, you’ll thank me later.

  1. Take a few selfies.

Well, it would be rude not to. It is YOUR wedding day after all! Pictures last a lifetime – just remember to keep that lippy topped up.


  1. Hey

    This is such a lovely post. I agree. You look totally chilled out when we got there and it was such a lovely atmosphere.

    Lovely venue and an even more lovely couple.

    Steph xxx

  2. Best day in such a long time… And much needed happiness!. Really wish we could do it again. You were an amazing bride. So proud of you xxx

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