I became a homeowner for the first time in February this year. Here’s a round-up of the top 10 things I have learnt since moving out.

  1. Getting the first lot of post is fun and exciting, until you realise it’s bills and more bills.
  2. The washing up doesn’t get done by itself.
  3. Nor does the ironing or cooking.
  4. Neither does the cleaning for that matter (but you do feel a sense of accomplishment once it’s all completed).
  5. All of your money goes on furniture, blinds and curtains instead of clothes, shoes and lipsticks!
  6. Shopping at Aldi/Lidl is both a blessing and a curse – did we really need those extra Groovy Bars?
  7. Who drinks all the milk?
  8. I have WAY too many clothes to fit into the wardrobe space I have, yet I still have nothing to wear.
  9. You check that you’ve locked the front door 2,352 times before driving off to work. And then half way there you wonder if you turned your straighteners off?!
  10. You realise how much you miss your family, even though you’re only down the road and you see them weekly.

Can I come back home yet, Mom?


  1. I love this – I am still yet to move out, but I’ve been home alone or away from home several times and it really does hit you all at once. I don’t actually mind washing up, I find it therapeutic. Cooking however .. Nope! Pot noodles and cereal for me.

    – Vee //

  2. It definitely does! It’s a weird feeling moving out. On one hand you’re ridiculously proud of yourself for saving so hard but on the other, you leave all what you are used to behind and start fresh! But I guess it’s true what they say, the best adventures are yet to come! P.S Washing up soon becomes a chore! x

  3. Ha ha, things your Mum has been trying to tell you for years. It’s a fab journey of discovery. Enjoy (even the washing up!) x

  4. Ha ha! Wait until you have kids and 1-7 increase ten fold, your wardrobe contains three size ranges, you can’t leave the house without checking nappies, bottles, etc and family are crucial for childcare! Enjoy the years BC Liv! X

    1. Hmmmm – Heidi, you’re not selling it to me! I think I will be kid-free for a little while longer yet! Haha. xx

  5. Congratulations on owning your own home! I just love buying homewares, I can totally understand why clothes and makeup take a back seat when you’re making those purchases! 💗 I miss my family lots when I’m at uni as well, it’s always lovely to come back to your family home!

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